October 2006 Issue --> Family Article
Books and Videos That Enrich Your Child's Soul
By: Cate Montana


Parents are looking for positive ways to teach their children about their powerful, creative selves and instill the self-esteem that will ensure them a confident and happy childhood. In today’s fast-paced world, such tools are a necessity. Children are growing up more rapidly than ever. Preschool focus on early educational development can trigger high levels of stress early in life. Daily activities provide a staggering amount of stimuli for young children who face steep learning curves in every area of life. Things adults take for granted - the ability to verbally communicate, navigate the environment with physical ease, express emotions appropriately - are mountains young children climb, day after day. It is inevitable that the possibilities of experiencing failure and frustration frequently outweigh opportunities for success and enthusiasm.

Social psychologists agree that children must be both resilient and optimistic to successfully develop the important attitudes that characterize effective learners later in life: the ability to concentrate, self-motivate, the capacity for follow-through, and determination in the face of failure. While it is wonderful to take advantage of the “sponge” years and provide our children with educational skills and knowledge they can build on for life, it is also vital we provide them with mental and emotional tools that will enable them to handle life’s opportunities and challenges with confidence and grace.

Increasing numbers of modern parents are actively pursuing their own personal growth. As they seek self-empowerment and deeper insight for themselves, they are realizing something more is needed to give their children a healthy head start. Regular instructional videos, while valuable educational tools that entertain and teach children about the world, do little to help young people cope with their feelings and attitudes about themselves as they explore that world on a daily basis. Methods supporting deeper-self recognition and exploration of a greater, more powerful mindscape are needed.

Elora Media, a new company started by Betsy Chasse – one of the film makers of “What the Bleep Do We Know?” has started a company which will be producing Videos, books and games that “speak to the soul,” that enrich and engage the inner self, while demonstrating the natural power of every child’s creative mind. “As I traveled around the world promoting What the Bleep Do We Know?, the most consistent question from our audiences was, “What can I show my kids?” Says Betsy Chasse, I also began looking as I have a 2 year old daughter. There are lots of great books, and I hope Elora Media’s new books will continue that great tradition, but we’re also creating videos and games for children. I understand most parents don’t want their kids watching television, but we can’t lock them in a closet! What we can do is create videos, films and games which encapsulate the concepts and ideas we believe will help them to evolve and grow spiritually as well as academically. Something that can be enjoyed by both the child and their parents, our products are interactive and hopefully will inspire great moments of adventure and exploration between the parent and their child.” Through music and beautiful fables and stories we can inspire them to be the incredible beings they always knew they could become, using the wonderful medium of the times.

About the Author: Cate Montana is a freelance writer and publisher of The Global Intelligencer, www.theglobalintelligencer.com an online newspaper about individual, social and global transformation. She can be reached at global@ywave.com

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      Books and Videos That Enrich Your Child
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