February 2004 Issue --> Relationship Article
The Art of Attracting a Perfect Romantic Relationship
By: Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez


How to Know if You Are a Searchlight or a Lighthouse
How many times have you thought that dating is too hard and you will never find that perfect person?
Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez, catalysts for a new reality in relationship-building known as the Strategic Attraction Planning Process, empower people to replace the thought "It's hard to find that perfect person for me" with the conviction that "I now attract only the most perfect relationship to me."
Most people agree that looking for Mr. or Ms. Right takes a lot of energy. First, you must figure out where you are most likely to find the type of people you are interested in dating. And, then you must spend more time and money experimenting with the right way to catch their attention. And, once you've caught their attention, you then must convince them that you are what they want.
So, when this prospective mate tells you that they are not completely satisfied with you -- your qualities, your interests, your friends, your personality, etc. -- you are more than willing to make compromises to satisfy them ... truth be known, you are simply too tired from the chase to put up a fight. Perhaps, thinking that you have won the war, you feel you can afford to let them win these smaller conflicts...especially in light of what it would cost in time and energy to go out and hunt down another prospective mate to replace this one.
Yet, if you had more strength and confidence, you might be more willing to listen to the tiny inner voice that says, "Be careful...this one could be more trouble than its worth."
Perhaps, though, you ignore the voice because someone has told you that you are being 'too picky.' Or, this person has more potential than the last one. Or, you don't want to consider losing this person to the competition. Inevitably, though, the voice turns out to be right. By the time you end your tortured relationship, you feel that no amount of money in the world would have been enough to compensate you for the cost of the experience.
Hall and Brogniez state that this is the inevitable result when you approach dating as a game to be won -- and it's up to you to find the prize.
Hall and Brogniez suggest taking the "Lighthouse Test" to determine if you are ready to give the game and begin using the universal Law of Attraction to bring the relationship that is a perfect fit for you right to your door.
The LIghthouse Test
Imagine a lighthouse standing strong and erect on the rocky shores of a beautiful ocean. On this particular day, the water is calm, the sky is blue, and there are many boats out to sea. Yet, out in the distance, there is a storm cloud forming on the horizon. It is coming closer to shore very quickly. The sky is getting darker, the waves are getting rougher, and many of the boats are being tossed about on the water. As the rains and the winds pick up strength, so does the power of the beam of light emanating from the lighthouse. Some of the boats, anxious to move quickly to a quiet and protective harbor, are relying on this beam of light to guide them safely to the spot. The darker the skies become, the brighter the light shines.
Notice that not all of the boats are in need of this beam of light to guide them to safety. Some have more confident captains and crew, while other boats have equipment that can handle the storm effectively.
Now, imagine that the lighthouse gets upset because some of the boats are choosing not to come to its harbor. Because it wants to protect and serve all of the boats in the sea, it sprouts arms and legs and begins running up and down the beach, waving its arms, doing its best to catch the attention of all the boats. What would be the result?
Most likely, the boats that were depending on the light to guide them would by now have been destroyed in the chaos and confusion caused by the light moving up and down the beach Other boats, led by their curiosity, may come closer to shore to get a better look at the spectacle of a lighthouse running up and down the shore, and then head back out to deeper waters. While others would be perfectly content to stay where they are...out at sea. The end result, very few boats are served safely and securely.
Hall and Brogniez say the test lies in asking yourself what percentage of time do feel like the lighthouse standing securely on the shore attracting the boats (prospective partners) with the power of your inner light and how often do you feel as if you are running up and down the beach looking for boats (prospective partners) to meet?
Perfect Potential Partners Come Right to Your Shore
Take a moment now to consider the qualities of a prospective partner that you would describe as perfect for you. Some of the qualities you might include about this person is that they are some one who respects and values your time, trusts you have his or her best interests at heart, and comes to the relationship with realistic expectations. Perfect partners make you feel needed, appreciated, respected, and understood. Even more, they reconnect you with the passion and purpose that puts joy in your life.
According to Hall and Brogniez, the key to ensuring that you are only attracting the most perfect potential partners lies in the asking of four simple questions that comprise a Strategic Attraction Plan.
  1. What Are the Qualities of My Most Perfect Partner?
  2. What Makes My Perfect Partner Tick?
  3. What Do I Want My Perfect Partner To Expect Of Me?
  4. What Do I Have To Improve To Be More 'Attractive' To My Perfect Partner?
That's it. The Process, they say, is very simple. And, they guarantee that shifts will occur within 48 hours of answering these four questions. In addition to the thousands of their clients who have had amazing results with this Process, they believe that this Process is the key to their own successful marriages. In fact, Stacey met her husband of 10 years within two days of creating her Perfect Partner Attraction Plan. They were engaged within 3 weeks and married within four months of their first meeting.
Hall and Brogniez believe the most perfect relationship is the one that supports us in being everything we are meant to be in this world and beyond. They understand that this may be a radical concept for those of us who believe that we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to have a relationship. They are simply inviting you to play with this Plan and see what happens.
Are you ready to play?
For more information on how to develop your Perfect Romantic Partner Strategic Attraction Plan, contact Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez at info@perfectcustomers.com or visit the "Events" and "Products" pages at www.perfectcustomers.com .
As a subscriber to Healthy Wealthy n Wise, please be our guest for special "How to Attract and Maintain Your Perfect Romantic Relationship" tele-experience facilitated by Stacey Hall of PerfectCustomers Inc. on Tuesday, February 17, 2004. For full details please click here (or paste this link in your browser): http://www.perfectcustomers.com/Public/Events/index.cfm?semID=99&view=1&requestTimeOut=100

PerfectCustomers Inc.'s mission is to generate communities in which millionaires are produced!
STACEY HALL, President, is credited by industry experts as the inventor and the catalyst for the new Strategic Attraction Planning Process. Through this paradigm-shifting methodology, hundreds of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, as well as sales and training teams, have been transformed into powerful magnets that quickly and easily attract the most perfect and profitable customers to their doors and web sites. Stacey's background includes more than 20 years of designing and implementing global marketing plans for such organizations as FEDEX, Budget Rent-a-Car Corporation, and the University of Houston. Stacey keeps the organization attracting perfect customers and opportunities that are steering the company to success and greater levels of profitability.
JAN BROGNIEZ, Central Executive Officer: Jan Brogniez's background includes more than 20 years producing millions of dollars of sales revenue in Corporate America. Jan's mastery of strategic planning and her keen business acumen led to the development of PerfectCustomers Inc.'s proprietary Strategic Design Session process. This process has successfully and effectively empowered a wide variety of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and sales and operations teams to invent and achieve "Big Hairy Audacious" goals and create organizational legacies in less time than previously has been possible. Called a "pioneer in experiential workshop facilitation," Jan's strength lies in designing and delivering custom-designed workshops, corporate retreats, and executive planning sessions. As PerfectCustomers Inc.'s CEO, Jan provides the organizational structure; building the foundation that will sustain the company's unprecedented growth and global presence.
Their global best-selling book, Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity, is available in bookstores, through on-line booksellers, and at www.perfectcustomers.com .
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