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"The 3 Things That Were Missing From The Secret That You Must Know To Achieve Your Goals
In The Year 2014...

Including Exciting Evidence From NASA's Astronaut Program On How Many Days You REALLY Need To Practice A New Habit...

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From: Ric & Liz, Publishers Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine

Re: Free Shipping CD Reveals The 3 Things You MUST Do In 2014 (That Were CUT From The Secret)!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the 3 most important messages about how to succeed using the power of the universe were actually "cut" from the movie?

Did you know that Jack Canfield, because he was in on the making of the movie from the beginning, is one of the few people who knows what those 3 things were, and why they are so important?

Did you know that the 30 Day Formula for creating permanent change in your life is actually based on a scientific study that NASA did on it's astronauts and how they see in zero-gravity?

You probably didn't know all that...but don't worry. Most people today don't!

Why Would The Producers Of The Secret Have Cut 3 Of The Most Important Messages From The Film?

It's true...only those who were "on the inside" during the making of The Secret know this...

But there were three things that you need to know how to do, to actually make the "secret" of the secret work for you... that is, to tap into the incredible power of the universe and make your desires come to you, without waiting and wondering fruitlessly for decades.

Believe it or not, these 3 things were ultimately "trimmed" (or at least made so insignificant they may as well not have been there) when the producers of The Secret put the film through it's final edit on the cutting floor.

The reason?

Apparently, the producers felt that "over-emphasizing" these three things would make the message of the movie less attractive to the general public.

Ok, wait - you mean even the movie that was supposed to be revealing the "truth" about the way the universe works, a non-hollywood production, gave in to the need to "dumb down" it's message to make it more palatable for the average person...?

Unfortunately, yes. You see, The Secret was, by nature intended to appeal to "the average person" because they wanted to bring people into the fold who wouldn't normally seek out or understand the ideas in it. A noble dream, however...

The problem is, this watered-down "easy on the eyes" version actually did a dis-service to the very people who would actually USE The Secret to improve their lives...

People like you...who, I'm willing to bet, are FAR from average...who have a mental and emotional capacity to handle the 3 secrets the producers thought would be "too much" for the average consumer. Too bad, right?

Well, fortunately for people like us, Jack Canfield was around when they made that decision (even though he had no say in the matter) and today...

He's here to set the record straight.

When you hear Jack's message on this rare, 60 minute CD, you will finally get the whole story. But that's not all.

You'll also discover...

The Government's Secret Research Program NASA's Astronaut Training Program Proves
Why "The 30 Day Rule" Really Works!

astronaut.jpgHave you ever heard that "rule" about how you have to practice a new habit for 30 days (some say 21) and wondered: what did they base that on? Is that really true? Well...

Get ready, because on this CD Jack reveals the science behind this common knowledge, and why it is actually way more "real" than most people believe.

I can't tell you the whole story here (Jack does a fascinating job), but let me just say it has to do with a government-funded study by NASA involving 10 astronauts wearing "specially fitted goggles" for 30 days, and what it revealed about how the neurons in your brain actually work.

The results were startling, and the resulting "law" we now have around 30 days will finally make sense to you when you hear what NASA decided the rule should be for their astronauts!

You will also discover why you can't skip even ONE day when going through a "30 Day Plan" to change your life habits. If you do, you have to start all over again...and this weird study by NASA proves why.

You'll also learn why the results showed that 26-30 days is the actual time needed to alter your habits (maybe why those 21 day programs don't always work? I'll leave it to you to decide.)...

Anyway, I think you'll be as fascinated as we were by this "inside information" from the world of space exploration. But that's not all...

When you sit down with your cup of coffee (or tea ;-) and listen to your brand new Jack Canfield CD, you'll also learn straight from the master of goal-setting himself...

The Truth: Most People Fail To Achieve Their Goals Because
They Are Making One Of These
3 Mistakes. Are You?...

Now honestly, the revelations about what's missing from The Secret, and NASA's scientific study on habit change are mind-blowing enough...

However, about 37 minutes into this rare audio, the interviewer asks Jack about something we all want to know. The bottom line:

"What do you see as the biggest thing, the biggest single thing, that stops most people from enjoying the success they'd like to have from achieving or fulfilling [their] dreams?"

This question (and the surprising answer to it) are critical, because...

Truth be told, we all go through the self-improvement programs, read the books, and attend the seminars to achieve ONE thing and one thing only:

Permanent change in our lives!

We all want change, and honestly most people are willing to give it a shot if they know exactly what they need to do to achieve that change.

And that's where the breakdown happens.

You see, according to Jack, there are 3 things that almost everyone does wrong when it comes to actually putting what they learn into practice in their lives.

These 3 things are what stop most people from putting the lessons they learned to work for them (and keeps them locked into their self-defeating habits no matter what they do). However...

Once you know these 3 things, there is nothing stopping you from erasing these mistakes forever, so you can finally break through your blocks and start seeing the real change you've been craving!

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"The Secrets Of Jack Canfield" Have Just Been Put Onto A 60 Minute CD That You Can Listen To In Your Car, At Home Or While You Work Out.

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amazing revelations that you'll hear when you sit back and enjoy The Secrets Of Jack Canfield...

And much, much more...

Listening to this CD is a wonderful experience, with multiple, eye-opening "aha" moments...moments that can truly inspire you to reach for your dreams.

And that's what I want for you.

armsraisedblueskysm.jpgYou see, the truth is when you really "get" what Jack has to say, you'll finally understand what it will be like to have the power to become a different person...

The person you've really always wanted to be.

You may even find yourself finally achieving goals you set years ago (remember the big "3" mistakes that prevent us from hitting our goals are revealed about 37 minutes into the audio).

Once you know the truth, it's almost impossible NOT to go after life at a higher level...and you can set yourself up for success today.

Five More Amazing Things You Will Learn When You Listen To Your New Jack Canfield CD:

The #1 thing you need to get clear on if you want the universe to send you exactly what you need to succeed...

Why you need to see the details of the things you want in the future, and how to get clear on them now...

What most people miss about the law of attraction, and why it won't work for anyone who does not know this...

How to know if your "big dream" is really possible in this lifetime...

The two phrases you must never say if you want to succeed in life!...

In a nutshell: this simple recording that most people don't know exists can have enormously beneficial effects on the rest of your life...

...and it'll only takes 60 minutes of your time (while doing anything you like)!

Nothing could be easier.

Ok, so now that you know what you've been missing out on...

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Let's face it. Jack Canfield is a
genius-level master when it comes to telling stories that can instantly create change in people's lives...and this 60 minute recording is no exception.

If you want to improve your health, wealth, and your personal well-being this year...if you believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive...

This recording could very well be the "key" that unlocks your power to do so now...

...which means this CD is practically priceless in long term value.

Jack has inspired thousand of people to start changing their lives literally the next day, just after experiencing the effect of his calm, soothing yet powerful words...

And this is exactly what you're about to experience first hand.

Why Are We Shipping This CD To You For FREE At Just $5.77 Again?!

Ok, we realize what you may be thinking right about now is, "So, Ric and Liz...if this audio program is as amazing as you say, why would you cover all the shipping costs, especially since it's just $5.77? Usually interviews anywhere near as good as this run $27 - $47 at least!"

Well, yes. You're right. However...

There are 3 reasons we decided to keep the price so affordable for you:

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2. The CD is short and sweet: just 60 minutes of pure Canfield, including the "ultimate essentials" of what he believes are the single most important of all his 64 principles to follow if you want to start changing your life quickly and with the most impact.

3. And, in case you were wondering, yes we may increase the price later. Once we see how well this goes at the current bare-minimum ($5.77) we may decide that we need to raise the cost a bit to cover our production expenses. However, for the time being we will keep it this low as long as we're able to, so take advantage of our little test and grab a copy while you can.

Listen: every day is another chance to turn your life around. What's going to happen if you don't take a step toward change today? How does the future look? If you don't change anything today (again), what consequences will you suffer from staying "stuck" in the same old patterns tomorrow?

As far as I'm concerned, there is no time to waste. We need to get a copy of this CD to your mailbox as quickly as possible.

iStock_000011319118XSmall.jpgWith that said, here's our 100% Satisfaction, No Risk Guarantee:

If for any reason, after listening to your new "Secrets Of Jack Canfield" CD in the comfort of your own home, you feel that trying it out was a waste of your time, simply return the CD to me within 60 days, and we will refund every penny, no questions asked. That means we'll be out $5.77 and you'll be out ZERO just for giving it a whirl.

Here's why we are willing to put our word on the line like this...

You see, over the years as publishers of Healthy Wealthy nWise magazine, Liz and I have had the opportunity to interview ALL of the most famous and respected experts in the world in the area of self-improvement...

People like:

And many, many more luminaries who we've been privileged and honored to represent over the past 11 years. So we can say with the confidence that...

The intimate, heart-to-heart talk that you'll be experiencing on this privately recorded CD is absolutely the best in the world in quality, certain to strike a chord with you instantly, and inspire you to go far "above and beyond" in achieving your dreams and goals this year.

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Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power)

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Stephen Covey (7 Habits Of Highly Effective People)

...And 46 more amazing self-improvement superstars!

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We are so excited to hear how your life changes after listening to your "message from Jack" on your Secrets Of Jack Canfield CD...

If you're like most, not only will you feel amazed and inspired by everything Jack reveals during this fresh 60 minute session, but you'll emerge with more energy, motivation and excitement about the future than you've had in years!

We can't wait.

- Ric & Liz Thompson, Publishers Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine

P.S. Remember: although 99% of people who listen to this CD are likely to find it one of the most engaging, inspiring and enjoyable talks they've ever heard, we know that there is always that "statistical" 1% who won't find it inspiring (hey, not everyone's inspired by the same things. Hey, that's what keeps life interesting,
right? ;-)


What if you're somehow NOT in the higher percentile, and (for whatever reason) you don't find Jack's talk to be exactly what you'd hoped for? Well...

In that case, you simply slip the CD back into the mail, say "this wasn't for me" and like I mentioned in my guarantee, we'll refund every penny - even though we're not making any profit on these CDs, and covered all the shipping for you! How fair is that?

We've removed every element of risk there could possibly be, so you have the greatest possible chance of changing your life NOW.

Please, for your own sake, let us hear from you today. If this doesn't work for you,

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