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April 2005 Issue

Cover Story
Dr. Zhi Gang Sha - Real Life Power Healing Legend
Chris Attwood & Bill Harris
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Movie Review
The Movie Mystic - Imaginary Heroes
Stephen Simon
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Nine Principles for Conscious Living Principle #8: The Principle of Good and Bad Generalizations
Bill Harris
A Dollar and Some Ambition
Jim Rohn
Choose Your Path
Eva Gregory
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Growing Optimistically
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
The Power in a Gathering of Women
Eileen McDargh
The Dot - Five Steps to Expanding Your Universe
Freddy Davis
Get Back in the Driverís Seat of Your Life
Cheri Baumann
The Art of Fearbusting - How to Be Powerful in the Face of Our Fears
Susan Jeffers
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Mary Magdalene, the Legends Abound
Joy Malumphy
Spiritual Nurturing in Nature
Dr. Stephen Ruppenthal
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Health & Fitness
Bodybuilding Sins That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts - Part 1
Jesse Cannone, CFT, Steve Hefferon, CMT
Chemotherapy Drugs: Little Known Side Effect YOU need to know about!
James Arond Thomas
Crippling Our Children the Heelys Way - And Now in Adult Models, too!
Winston Ng
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Marketing or Selling -- Which is More Important?
C.J. Hayden
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The Future of Business: Is It Getting Personal?
Kim Castle & W. Vito Montone
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Should You Give Him an Ultimatum?
Terry MacDonald
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Make a Child′s Day
Michael Neill
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Follow ′Lettiquette′ When Pitching the Media for Publicity
George McKenzie
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