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What Would It Be Like to Sit With a Master? 

“Once a month I will give you the chance to sit with some of the more than 60 ‘enlightened’ Masters I met in India and Nepal this past year.”

Join me for Dialogues with the Masters and together we will discover the wisdom that has attracted millions of people to learn from these sages as we ask them the questions YOU submit about truth, enlightenment, success, fulfillment, the state of the world, and real knowledge.


Our next interview is with Moses Newman on March 20th.


“Moses Newman is one of the most powerful healers on this planet”

~Reverend Michael Beckwith

Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center


Moses Newman is a world renowned energetic healer who follows in the footsteps of his father and mother who were also both healers. Moses' mom was a midwife and his father was a psychic surgeon in Ethiopia.


At an early age, his father would ask Moses to put his hands on the people his father was performing psychic surgery on to assist in the healing. When Moses was 12 years old, he woke up one morning from sleep and found he could no longer walk.  He was totally paralyzed for the next 2 years. Moses says that this time in his life was when he really started to learn the art of healing.


“When I slept in the night a spirit would come and touch me all over my head and other parts of my body.  This touch was the beginning of my recovery.”  Moses said. “Whenever the spirit touched me, electric shocks started going through my whole body.”


During this time Moses' parents took him to a holy place in Eritrea called Saint Michaels.  Saint Michaels is known for this beautiful waterfall which comes straight out of a mountain. While at Saint Michaels his parents would have Moses sit under the waterfall. After sitting for some time, Moses miraculously started to crawl. After 3 subsequent visits to Saint Michaels and one year of the Spirits healing touch, Moses was totally healed.  It was then that his total healing abilities appeared.


Moses calls the kind of healing that he does, "Energy Link"  He says he uses the word “link” because when the energetic fields connect from his patient to himself, he is able to use that frequency to heal.


Moses has given a seven day retreat with both Reverend Michael Beckwith and Baba Ram Das, The New York Times Best selling author of "Be Here Now".  Baba Ram Das has said that ‘Moses has the magic hands".

I can’t even begin to tell you what you’ll learn on these calls. I can only assure you they will be an experience unlike any you have had before. 

I spent the past year meeting and interviewing more than 60 Saints throughout India and Nepal. It was the most phenomenal experience of my life.

 Here are a few of the things I learned which you may experience on these calls:

  • How to tap into the capacity to give and receive an infinite amount of love

  • Why some of these saints are able to perform what many people consider “miracles”

  • The secret of “let go and let God”

  • The beauty of service and how it leads to material as well as spiritual fulfillment

  • How remarkable it is to spend time with someone who is powerful in their silence

  • What “true” spirituality is and why it is the secret to success in any field of life

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