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I understand that as a Real Life Legends Club VIP Member of Healthy Wealthy nWise  I will: 

  • Have my mind expanded each month by having access to some of the Top People in the World - people who are synonymous with phenomenal success in their fields. People like, Jay Abraham, Dr. Stephen Covey, Richard Paul Evans, Denis Waitley, Dr. John Gray, and many, many more.
  • I’ll learn how they have gone from passion-"less" to passion-"driven" - and how I can too!

  • I’ll find out how they’ve overcame major obstacles to become some of the most successful people in their fields of passion - Janet Attwood will uncover the secrets and I can pick them up and apply them to my life.

  • I'll also learn their secrets for staying on-purpose and passion-driven, even when times are tough – these will help me stay on target when I have my own “tough times.”
  • Have 24-hour access to the Private Member Area of the site, where I’ll:
    • Have Exclusive Access to the Audio Recordings of these Interviews as they are conducted - so I can listen when its convenient for me, and be able to listen over and over so I don’t miss a single golden nugget of the FANTASTIC information – I understand that ONLY Real Life Legend (RLL) Club Members have access to these valuable recordings.

    • Be able to download the Complete Transcripts of the Interviews so I'll have a permanent hard copy record of the tidal wave ideas and inspiration from each one of these calls.  I’ll be able to print off these small books of information (Each one is at least 10,000 words!) and log my notes and inspirations in them so my ideas don’t get lost.
    • Get Special Members Only Bonuses from the Interview Guests.  These bonuses will help me understand and adapt these Legends' philosophies and strategies to my own life.

    • Be able to download the Success Blueprint for each Legend's Interview so I can more easily apply the wisdom of these Legends to my OWN life.

    • Have Full Access to the recordings, transcripts, bonuses, and blueprint sheets for the Rising Legend Series as well. Rising Legends include people who are on their way to Real Life Legend Status, like Present Day  Mystic, Bill Bauman, CEO of the Sedona Training Institute, Hale Dwoskin, and International Consultant, Pat Burns (These interviews are not available to non-members at all.  They can not be purchased separately.  ONLY RLL Club Members have access to these valuable interviews!)

  • Receive the completed interviews on CD as well as the printed transcripts of each interview delivered to my door each month* so I can listen to and read them again and again, anywhere I want. That way I can easily internalize every brilliant concept! 
  • (ONLY VIP Members can have these materials delivered right to their door!)
  • Receive Advanced Notice of Every Real Life Legend Interview and the Bonuses that go along with them BEFORE the information is released to the regular Healthy Wealthy nWise subscriber list.  That way I can download the information and start profiting from it before anyone else even knows it exists.

  • And best of all, I will receive The Passion Test™ Assessment and e-book as a special gift (a $24.95 value)!  This Assessment is the same one that each of the Legends interviewed in the series have taken, and now you can take it too simply by becoming a Real Life Legends Club Member.  (Want more info on the Assessment?  Click Here)

I further understand that all content is available over the Internet and in addition, that my *monthly CDs and Transcripts will be shipped the first week of  the month following the live interview (i.e.  the June Real Life Legends Interview will ship the first week in July).   The Member Site is updated frequently, with new material being added every month (often every other week!).  I know that by becoming a Real Life Legends Club VIP Member today I am securing my access to these valuable resources, regardless of where I live in the world.

I also understand that you provide a secure online system with two payment options so I can charge my membership dues to a major credit card. 

My satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Description: Healthy Wealthy nWise Real Life Legends Club VIP Membership Payment Options 

Payment Option #1 - Monthly VIP Membership… Only $34.97 per month (plus S&H)

Gives you full access to everything listed above and is only $34.97 billed every 30 days.  You can cancel at any time. 

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Payment Option #2 -Upgrade to Monthly VIP Membership plus the Red Carpet Welcome Kit…  More than 86% Savings on the Welcome Kit

You get:

ü  TWO additional interviews on CD with innovative thinker and business strategist Dr. Stephen Covey (bestselling author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) and relationship expert Dr. John Gray (bestselling author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”). 

ü  PLUS Success Blueprints for both interviews

ü  PLUS written transcripts of both interviews

 ü  PLUS sturdy Real Life Legends VIP transcript organizer

ü  PLUS attractive Real Life Legends VIP CD storage case for         interview CD’s 


Gives you full access to everything listed above for only $59.97 (plus S&H) for the first month (you save $159.79) and just $34.97 billed every 30 days thereafter.  You can cancel at any time.

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