You're here because either I, or someone I trust personally, invited you and you work in Health, Wealth or Wisdom...

Did you know that Apple has sold over 365 million iOS devices, 80% of which have access to the Apple Newstand?

Did you know that according to the Pew research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, 22% of tablet users report reading magazines of some kind on their tablet at least weekly. That is more than twice the percentage of the general population that regularly turn to a news magazine in print or online (8%) and seven times the percentage of the general population who said that of specialty magazines like The Atlantic.

Did you know that if you search the Newstand for "personal development magazine" you only get 1 result, and it's only rated 2 stars out of 5?

Imagine if you could be in on the ground floor of this hot new market just waiting to be served properly - without the costs, time or hassle of developing your own app!

You don't have to imagine. We're doing it.

Healthy Wealthy nWise, the world's most popular personal development online magazine is going mobile - and we want YOU to be a part of it...

Dear colleague,

There's no denying the explosive growth of the mobile market. The only question is - what are you doing to tap into it?

And how would you like someone to do all the heavy lifting for you?

And what if by the coordinated efforts of a LOT of other people, you're guaranteed a quantum leap in the amount of exposure you'd get?

With the launch of Healthy Wealthy nWise as a Mobile Magazine, the time is now for you to get involved. And I'm going to make it as simple as 1 - 2 - 3...

1) Content

Text, Short video, even audio.

The mobile market wants dynamic, solid content, and with your help we can feed a starving market.

Submit your content today to:

Preference will be given to unique, high quality content that speaks to our readers and helps foster the Healthy Wealthy nWise community.

In addition, we are going to focus on multi-article series for the first few issues, so if you've only got one article, it needs to be awesome to be considered for the highly visible first issues.

There are obviously limited spots available in the Premiere issue which will have super high download rates as it's free AND we'll be announcing the launch of the new magazine to millions of people.

(The Premiere issue will given away for free and the 2nd issue will kick off the $4.99 subscription.)

If video, ten minutes or less would be great, and a transcript if you have it.

If text or audio, please also send a photo of yourself.

We're not limited to article size, but let's make it reasonable (around 500 words) - we're not going to publish a chapter from your book :-)

NOTE: Content that does not make it into the Mobile Magazine may still be featured in the hugely popular online magazine with over 160,000 subscribers.

Obviously, if your content is chosen to be published we expect you to shout it to the rooftops. As every contributing author helps to spread the word, your exposure will only increase.

Deadline for submissions is Aug 31st to be considered for the first couple of issues

2) Advertise

With the limited space for content in the Premiere issue, a guaranteed way to get placement and exposure is through advertising. With options ranging from a 2 page spread to 1/3 page ads, you'll find what you need to maximize the opportunity to tap into this smoking hot market.

With the Premiere issue being put together as we speak, the time is right now to contact me and start getting me the ad you want placed.

2 page spread - $9,500

Full page ads - $5,000

2/3 page - $3,500

1/2 page - $2,700

1/3 page ads - $1,800

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special: If you order before we launch, I'll throw in another ad of the same size for the next month's issue for FREE!

3) Earn free advertising starting in Month #2

Check this out...

Since there is going to be limited space in the FREE Premiere issue, but we still want to reward everyone who's promoting us in the first 30 days of our launch, we're creating a Special Issue that will include coverage of the best deals in the personal development space!

That means, that this FREE Special Issue, that will be released in Month #2 could have 1/2 page, full page or even a 2 page spread on whatever YOU want to feature! This could be an awesome special offer OR a free gift!

As long as it falls into the categories of Health, Wealth or Wisdom and meets our editorial guidelines, you're good to go!

And the more you promote, the bigger the space you'll earn.

Here's how this works...

You'll need a LinkShare account so you can promote the Magazine in the Apple Newstand.

Yes, you'll be receiving a RECURRING commission paid by Apple and the retention rates are going to be insane!

Then, since we can't get information from Linkshare, we'll simply set you up with a tracking link in our system that points to your linkshare account. The more clicks you get, the bigger the ad space in the FREE Special Issue!

Here's how to get started...

Click the button below to set up your account if you don't already have one.

Then once your account is set up, search for iTunes. It's obviously a big advertiser so it won't be hard to find. You'll need to "apply" to promote them.



2 page spread - top promoter (VALUE: $9,500)

Full page ads - 3,500 clicks ( VALUE:$5,000)

2/3 page - 2,500 clicks (VALUE:$3,500)

1/2 page - 1,750 clicks (VALUE:$2,700)

1/3 page ads - 1000 clicks (VALUE:$1,800)

PLUS recurring commissions (Paid by APPLE!)

Remember, you'll have a FULL 30 days to earn clicks once we launch.

To let me know you want to be involved with content, advertising or promotion, simply fill out the form below.


There isn't an easier, faster, more cost effective way to tap into the incredibly hot buyers in the Apple Newstand than to work with us.

Not only is this super fast growing market drastically underserved currently, we're going to be pushing hard to dominate as the #1 Personal Development Mobile Magazine right from the start.

If you're someone who's been working with us already over the 9+ years online, I look forward to this huge next step in getting you traffic and sales. If you're brand new to this, welcome, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

rthompson (at) healthywealthynwise (dot) com
Skype: richard.thompson.hwnw

See who's already committed to being a part of this incredible venture (in no particular order)...

Updated 3:30 pm Monday September 13th.

And if I've left off your name, my sincere apologies. This has been a whirlwhind with all the interest and so many awesome people jumping on board!

Keep checking back here to see the list as it grows as there are literally hundreds of conversations started with authors, experts and speakers from around the world, and let me know if you have someone who SHOULD be here who isn't. The more, the better for all of us as we create the hottest personal development resource in the Newsstand!

The Latest News...

The first 2 issues are in design now (content has been finalized). We're a week behind schedule so we expect to be live the week of the 24th if all goes well. Stay tuned!!

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